So here we go…. 1st C

Hey all, let me introduce myself. They call me Lynzi or anything really just not late for dinner. 

Nerdy glasses wearer, fairy tale believer, comic book reader, gaming enthusiast, tea drinker.

Let me tell you about the daily moans and groans of life along with copious amounts of tea, dozens of books and complete utter bollocks!

The chapters I call life.


Day 2 And 3 Movie Challenge

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I actually found myself doing stuff, I know it amazed me too.

Anyway yesterday was “A movie that you like that starts with the first Letter of your name.” I chose Life as we know it. It’s an amazing film about a little girls who’s parents died and their two friends then come together to look after the little girl. I love it.

This then got me searching Netflix for random films to watch and got me 2 hours into Lupin III (A Japanese animated film from 1979) So 4 hours into film Day, I decided to call it a night and order a pizza, as one does.

Onto Day 3:

Today’s film is; Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. A light hearted animated film.

Day 3

I also got a few friends of mine to join in which is awesome. It’s something we do daily and something for us all to talk about.

Don’t forget it’s Monday, have a smashing one all!


How We Doing?

It’s a tough time. Not alot of good news and too much bad news. It’s hard to stay inside when told to yet when we don’t want to, it’s all we want to do.

I’m keeping this short and sweet. Currently fighting something myself so make sure you stay safe and watch your distance. I won’t tell you to wash your hands, you already know.


A State Of Panic

Why does this happen? So the town Mayor has put us into a ‘state of emergency’. Now in a town where the majority are elderly, this isn’t good news at all, if anything it’s made it worse. People are having to choose between food and wellbeing but yet nothing is really being done about it. Shutting the city building and panicking the public isn’t the way about it. Where do they go? Who do they talk to? I don’t even think the hospital staff know what’s happening. It’s fine telling us to wash our hands and keep a safe distance away from people, oh and not going into work when sick, which people can’t afford to do. This has caused such an outrage and a mass of panic buys. We only have 3 stores in town and yes we may be small but the shelves are so empty. The soaps are out, the food is getting scarse in some areas. Don’t get me started on the essentials. We have been forced into a mass void of having too much stuff when really we should have the necessities and being more vigilant.

It’s far too late for it now sadly but I just wish he had gone about it a different way. I’ve never seen this be so busy store wise but so quiet people wise.


Weather Changes/Work Changes!

Firstly, Indianan weather is horrendous and yes it does as a matter of fact change every 15 minutes, well it feels that short. Today we have had thunder and lightning, hail, rain and now the sun is out. If it could just make up it’s mind for one day so I don’t melt midday from wearing a too thick of a shirt, then that would be smashing.


Keto (was supposed to be doughnuts but didn’t have the pan so made buns but they turned into) Cream Cheese Scones

Look smashing if you ask me.

I used an online recipe and let me tell you, they turned out so beautiful and I made the cream cheese frosting too.

If you want the recipe, follow the link (https://www.dietdoctor.com/recipes/old-fashioned-keto-cake-donuts)

Apologies for the short post, in a bit of a clutz today but yay I posted. 😊

Happy Sunday!